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Folio 12×12 inch Fine Art wedding album | Laura and Dinesh

Folio 12×12 inch Fine Art wedding album | Laura and Dinesh

‘Hi Martin,

Album arrived today. We’re both overjoyed at the quality of the album, it’s outstanding!

Thank you so much

Dinesh & Laura’

When you open up an email to read something like that, it really puts a smile on your face.  So much so that I couldn’t wait to share this album with you.  So please sit back, relax and enjoy this rather wonderful wedding day.  Laura and Dinesh hired the hugely talented Neil Redfern to shoot their wedding day for them, and what a wonderful job he made of it!

This is another example of a Folio 12 inch square album, probably the most widely chosen album that I design for couples.  Look through the photos below and it’s easy to see why.  The album strikes the perfect balance between luxury and practicality.  The size means that ‘wow’ photos (portraits are the most obvious example) appear large – a full spread shot is twenty four inches long! – giving plenty of impact when the page is turned.  That large size means that when several images share a spread, even though they may be quite small, the detail in them can be easily seen and enjoyed.  In fact, one of the many pleasures that couples comment on is how little details in the photos emerge on repeated viewing.  The twelve inch size also means that the book sits quite comfortably in the hands, or on the knees (arguably the best way to look at a wedding album is with it on your knee in your favourite chair), without being too heavy or bulky.

Another common comment is how vibrant and sharp the printing is, thanks to the quality and care of the company, but also thanks to the paper stock.  Colours really do zing out at you, while the black and white have a beautiful depth and intensity that make them seem richer.  The Art White paper has another quality that only becomes apparent when you pick up the book, turn the pages and handle it.  It feels lovely in the hand!  Again, couples often come back to comment on the beautiful tactile nature of the printed album.  The use of natural, grained leathers for the covers adds to this, while the smell of leather (particularly the very first time you open the box) adds another sensory pleasure.

The album below is covered in Blush Leather (a soft, pastel pink), with Laura and Dinesh’s names debossed into the front.  Like the design inside, it’s intended to be minimal yet deliver maximum impact.

folio wedding album blush pink cover

Folio wedding album debossed cover detail

Folio Fine Art wedding album title page

Folio wedding album page detail black and white print in Folio Fine Art album colour bridal portraits in Folio Fine Art album colour and black and white bridal portraits wedding photos in Fine Art wedding album wedding album spread of confetti throw formal group photos in wedding album detail of black and white photo in Folio wedding album colour wedding portraits in wedding album Folio wedding album showing full page spread black and white wedding portraits of bride and groom Fine Art wedding album spread

If you’d like to see the layouts for the entire album please click on the slideshow below.

If your wedding photographer doesn’t offer albums, it needn’t be the end of the world.  Feel free to ask them to contact me (or do it directly yourselves), and I’d be happy to chat about the different options available to create a beautiful handmade wedding album for you; something that will become a cherished family heirloom.


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