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It’s never too late to get a wedding album

It’s never too late to get a wedding album

sample spread of Queensberry Duo 15 x 12 album

” Finally decided to put our wedding album together 8 years after we tied the knot. We used Martin’s album design service. My wife and I found Martin to be approachable, highly professional and most importantly patient throughout the whole design process. I would highly recommend him for any project of this nature. We are now in the process of designing a second album with Martin. ” Shoaib & Rizwana

When I shoot a wedding for a couple I always tell them I’ll expect to hear back from them in about a year’s time with their shortlist of photos for the album. They always laugh and then, about twelve months later, drop me a note saying, “Where did the time go? We can’t believe how it’s flown. Here are our choices of photos.”

I’m never surprised that it takes months for people to select a shortlist of photos. It’s a tricky decision to make, whittling down hundreds of wonderful, evocative images to a more manageable number (anywhere between 75 and 150 on average, though I’ve designed albums that contain up to 250). It takes time to get your head round the process, not to mention finding the time to simply sit down and get on with it amidst the distractions of going to work, buying a house, looking after the kids, and the million other things that make up living a life.

Lockdown has meant that some of those distractions have been removed, and I noticed last year an increasing number of people getting in touch who had been married for years. All that time spent indoors meant they could finally get round to getting the wedding photos out, going through them, choosing their favourites, and start the ball rolling, finally, to getting an album made.

Which is no problem, because good photos last. I’m always hearing from people who have been married for many years and they say the same thing: “We meant to get an album done, but we never got round to it”. That’s fine. It really doesn’t matter, as those brilliant, memory-provoking, life affirming photos have just been sitting there, biding their time. They’re ready when you are, to be reintroduced into the world, to see the light of day again and be transformed into a wonderful collection that tells the story of your big day all over again.

Here’s an example from last year. Shoaib and Rizwana tied the knot eight years ago (the quote from them at the top of this page, when they received their copy of their album, prompted this post), but only found the time to get an album designed when the 2020 lockdowns gave them the time away from their normally busy lives to get a shortlist together. They decided they wanted a Queensberry Duo album to show off their memories – a simply gorgeous album, that did the wedding day full justice. (Have a look here for a bit more information on the Duo). Here are a few spreads from the final design.

Well worth the wait – the final album is a stunner!

So, don’t think because your own Big Day was a few years ago that you’ve missed your chance to have a wedding album. Far from it. All it takes is to drop me an email, or pick up the phone and we can get the ball rolling.


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