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Queensberry Duo album – something a bit special

Queensberry Duo album – something a bit special

If you’ve browsed this site you’ll know that there are two kinds of wedding album – the traditional matted type (the kind with overlay windows over the photos, like your mum and dad got years ago) and the modern digital style, where the photos are printed directly onto the page.  A lot of people have a preference for one style over another, but what if you like both equally?  No problem – you choose a Queensberry Duo.

Using their expertise, Queensberry have combined the best elements of a traditional matted album – the sense of heritage, the feelings of quality and durability – with the benefits of modern digital albums i.e being able to print to the edge of the page – in one hybrid album.  As you can see from the photos, it’s a bit of a beast!  But that’s because there’s an awful lot of printing and bookbinding knowhow going on to create it.

Of course, it’s a Queensberry, so it’s up there with the best.  In fact, the only competitors it really has are other Queensberry albums, like the Classic (as described in the previous post).  So yes, it’s not cheap, but you can be assured that you’re buying the very best quality, and will be the proud owner of an object that will stand the test of time and really will be passed down the generations.

Gemma and Francis’s wedding was shot by Howling Basset wedding photography at The Orangery in Kent.  Gemma contacted me because she wanted a Queensberry to do justice to the great images her photographer had created for her, as well as including a couple of shots taken by guests.

This email sums up her feelings on receiving the album:

“A quick note to say the album arrived today and we have just (washed our hands) and opened it.  It is truly stunning and we love it!  Very rarely do things live up to my expectations or standards but this does. There is nothing I would change….  Thank you so much for all your hard work and a big seal of approval to Queensberry.”

Queensberry Duo wedding album presentation boxQueensberry Duo album details Queensberry Albums cover bag Queensberry albums drawstring bag Queensberry albums embossed Q logo on flyleaf Queensberry Duo album sample spread Queensberry Duo wedding album spread Album spread for Queensberry Duo wedding album Bespoke album spread for Queensberry Duo album Queensberry Duo wedding album bespoke spread Queensberry Duo album centre spine Edge to edge print in Queensberry Duo album Queensberry Duo album spread of group shots Detail of matted overlay spread in Queensberry Duo album Grid layout in Queensberry Duo album Large print in Queensberry Duo wedding album Final page of Queensberry Duo album


Do you have a USB of beautiful wedding photos just sitting unloved in a drawer?  Why not get in touch to discuss the options available for transforming them into a beautiful wedding album you’ll want to look at again and again?




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