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The Fine Art Bellissimo – a beautiful rectangular option

The Fine Art Bellissimo – a beautiful rectangular option

The Bellissimo is a great range of wedding albums offered by professional photo lab Loxley Colour of Scotland.  Chances are you haven’t heard of Loxley, but don’t worry, because in professional photography circles their reputation is right up there with the best.  The Bellissimo range that they offer comes in a range of shapes and sizes to suit all tastes.

This particular example is 14 x 10 inches, with Fine Art pages.  Designed for Vicky and Matthew, whose wedding last year was shot by wedding photographer Neil Redfern, Vicky’s brief was that she  wanted an album that showed off Neil’s fabulous work to best effect, and the rectangular format does just that.  Browse this site and you’ll see that square albums are very popular right now, but I bet that a look through these photos might convince you that an oblong is worth considering too.  Do the maths and the overall page size is actually smaller (by four square inches), but the feeling is the book is bigger.  And, on an open spread, you’ve got a longer edge – 28 as opposed to 24 inches – so there’s more room for fitting in photos on a layout, or the capacity to make them that little bit bitter.  Or, of course, the space to make that standalone ‘killer’ image really stand out.

Being a Fine Art book, of course, there are the same advantages whichever shape you decide on.  There’s still the ability to print right up to the edge of the page, and to run photos over the central spine without losing any of the image.

So, square or rectangular?  The honest truth is that it’s a win-win decision.  It’s really just down to personal preference.

Tempted to get in touch to discuss doing something wonderful with your USB of wedding photos?  An album like this will always win hands down over an iPad slideshow.  Give me a call, email or fill in the contact form and let’s get talking.


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