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The Classic 12×12 inch matted – the best wedding album in the world? Probably.

The Classic 12×12 inch matted – the best wedding album in the world? Probably.

In the world of horology the company Patek Philippe is revered.  Their watches are regarded as the best there are.  In the world of automobiles, there’s an aura that surrounds Rolls Royce.  Their cars are seen as something special.  And the same is true in many other spheres.  Some high-end brands just have a mystique about them.  People ‘in the know’ regard them as the ultimate example in their respective fields.

Welcome to the world of Queensberry wedding albums.

Everything about Queensberry says ‘luxury’.  The leathers are a little more sumptuous, the pages that bit thicker, the prints a touch more vibrant.  Finishing touches, like the texture of the overlays that add an extra sensuous touch, and the soft touch drawstring bag the album comes in, add a lovely touch of elegance.  Even the box the album has been designed with care – silver leaf printing creates a feeling of luxury as soon as you see it, and you’re excited to open the lid and look inside.

I’ve said in other posts about matted albums that simplicity is key, and that holds true for this design for Claire and Giles.  Their selection of seventy five photos is presented in a neat symmetrical layout.  Large ‘signature’ portraits are presented alone on the page, for special attention.  Colour and black and white images are balanced on the page.  Related images, from a specific moment during the day, are arranged in sympathetic groupings.  Every spread has balance.

White dominates – the core page, the overlays, and the metal page protectors – so that the photos can be seen without distraction.  The vellum flyleaf over the first spread gives all the information you need – the couple’s names and the wedding date.  A crisp blue leather cover, as simple as it’s elegant, finishes off the album.  The combination of great photos, good design and a beautiful album doesn’t  need to shout.  Less is definitely more.

Photography at this wedding was by the outrageously talented Pixies in the Cellar.  You can see more of their work by clicking on the link to their website.

album box by queensberry, the best wedding album manufacturer queensberry wedding album box detail queensberry wedding album drawstring bag classic matted queensberry wedding album navy leather cover close up of textured endpaper of queensberry wedding album, possibly the best wedding album in the world queensberry matted wedding album printed vellum flyleaf detail of print in queensberry classic wedding album page of photos in queensberry wedding album black and white print of bride in queensberry wedding album spread in queensberry classic matted wedding album page of queensberry wedding album double page spread in matted wedding album full spread in queensberry 12x12 inch wedding album page in square matted wedding album dancing shots in matted wedding album

To see the album layout, please click on the slideshow below.

Yes, owning a Queensberry album is a luxurious experience, but if you’re going to treat yourself why shouldn’t it be on your wedding day?  For more information please email or call me on 07766 815703.



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