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It’s hard to give a precise figure for designing and manufacturing a wedding album.  All the album companies I deal with manufacture bespoke products – the page number, the cover, the layouts – everything is designed for that specific album.  There are also price differences between companies, just like there are between makes of car, or clothing labels.

But I appreciate that you’ll want some kind of idea, something to get you started.  So, how about this?  I can design and provide you with a beautiful bespoke wedding album for as little as £750.  That would include a leather cover and around 70 images.

If that doesn’t frighten the horses too much, and you’d like an exact quotation, just email or phone me with a few details.

Professional photographers – we need to talk, so please give me a call, email or fill in the contact form.  You’ll get a reply within 48 hours.