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Coffee Table book

Coffee Table book

coffee table book open to show colour printing and page thickness

A coffee table book is a great proposition for people with a lot of photos they want to show off but don’t have the budget for a Fine Art or digital album.

It’s very similar to the Fine Art book in many ways. In fact, at first glance you might struggle to recognise one from the other. But there are slight differences, most notably in the paper used for the pages. It’s much thinner, and often silk or satin coated. In practice, that means that the book is much slimmer than an album. That’s good news in one way, as it means you can fit more pages in without causing strain on the book spine (which can cause splitting and break the book, so pages start to fall out).

There are also differences in the way it’s printed (which are quite technical and, to be honest, I don’t fully understand myself). All you need to know is that the firms I use are master printers, and you’ll be delighted with the results. The colours will pop and sing off the page, and the texture and finish of the paper is lovely to touch. I’ve tried to give an idea of the finish in the photos below.

The covers tend to be more restricted in choice than albums too. You’re unlikely to find a leather option, but the materials available and printed covers still mean you’ve got plenty of choice.

Here’s an example. On first viewing you’d struggle to see how it’s different to the other albums on this site wouldn’t you? But now take a closer look at the pages, how thick (or rather thin) they are; and the finish of the cover too. Little differences, but big enough to affect the final feel of the book. And quite a cost effective option too (though I still insist on only working with excellent printers – there are far too many shoddy companies out there churning out coffee table books that are, quite simply, not up to the job).

Coffee table book in white display box with corner elastic ties.
Printed cover of coffee table book
Open pages of coffee table book showing thickness of pages and colourful photos
Detail of colour page in coffee table book
Pages of coffee table book open to show family at wedding.

Prices, as always, depend on the size of the book and the number of photos that you’d like to include. If you’d like a quotation, please feel free to get in touch via the contact form and I’d be happy to take a few details and work out a price for you.


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