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Big pictures! Why Fine Art albums are so good

Big pictures! Why Fine Art albums are so good

A look around this site will reveal that there are basically two kinds of wedding album. There’s the traditional matted style, and the newer digital or Fine Art book. Both are beautiful, there’s no doubt about that. But if you are struggling to choose which style might suit you best, here’s something to think about.

If you want big pictures in your wedding book, then you should seriously consider a digital or Fine Art book.

One of the unique features of a Fine Art book is that you can print right across the central spine of the book – that’s something you can’t do in a traditional style album. Sure, there’s a tiny crease where the book folds, but to all intents and purposes you can print one picture across the entire spread. Below are some examples from a recent design.

The first image is the first spread of a Folio 12 inch x 12 inch album – so the photo in the album is 24 inches x 12 inches in size. Huge! Opening the book and seeing that has a massive impact. It’s a seriously wow moment, and a fabulous way to start the journey through the book.

Opening spread of Folio 12 x 12 inch wedding album showing one whole page photo

The following spreads also make use of that ability to print right across the spine of the book.

The next image is two separate portraits, the dark shadows joining at the spine. It works to create the mirror image that you see.

Spread from Folio Fine Art 12 inch wedding album

Another feature of digital or Fine Art books is that you can print right up to the edge of the page, unlike in a traditional album. So, as here, you can make that group photo of the entire wedding as large as possible. With a photo like this that’s good news, as you can see more detail of people’s expressions. It’s also a great way of showing off any group shots as large as possible.

Big group shot photo in a fine art wedding album spread
wedding album pages showing group photos
whole page photo of bride and groom posing for portrait in fine art wedding album design

Kudos to Neil Redfern who shot the photos above. Neil’s a great photographer, as you can see, and also a lovely guy. You can see more of his work here.

So there you have it. Your choice of album type makes a big difference to the way it can be designed. Here I’ve shown a couple of ways in which the photos can be shown off in a digital or Fine Art book. If you’ve got a set of wedding photos (or event photos of any kind) and you’re thinking about having them turned into an album, I’m always happy to have a look at them, or spend time chatting, to help you decide on the best kind of album for you.

Feel free to get in touch if you’d like to talk further.

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