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Category: Jorgensen albums

It doesn’t have to be square | Jorgensen Art rectangular wedding album

Everything follows patterns and trends, including wedding albums.  At the moment the most popular shape of album is square (I know it is because it’s my default to think square when someone makes an enquiry), but another shape is available!  Just because the rectangular wedding album isn’t currently as popular doesn’t mean that it’s not…
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A rectangular Jorgensen Komplet Fine Art album

And now for something completely different …. behold the rather lovely Jorgensen Komplet Fine Art album. Jorgensen have been a bit of a latecomer to the Fine Art wedding album market, but just because they were slow out of the blocks doesn’t mean they should be overlooked.  Not at all, because their flawless album credentials…
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Jorgensen Art 12 x 12 album | Jane and Jonathan

Sometimes you are looking for something that harks back to other times.  Something with the air of craftsmanship about it.  Heavy pages, textured overlays, a genuine leather cover beautifully grained (and that smell when you open the box!).  Some weddings appeal more to the traditionalist; in which case you can’t really do better than a…
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The classic parent album | Jorgensen 9×9 inch Studio matted album

There are two ways to look at a parent album from a wedding. If your own album is a modern book, either Fine Art or coffee table style, then you can have a copy (or two copies) made at the same time that yours is printed.  It’ll be smaller (usually around 6 inches along the…
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