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Queensberry Duo album – something a bit special

If you’ve browsed this site you’ll know that there are two kinds of wedding album – the traditional matted type (the kind with overlay windows over the photos, like your mum and dad got years ago) and the modern digital style, where the photos are printed directly onto the page.  A lot of people have…
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The Classic 12×12 inch matted – the best wedding album in the world? Probably.

In the world of horology the company Patek Philippe is revered.  Their watches are regarded as the best there are.  In the world of automobiles, there’s an aura that surrounds Rolls Royce.  Their cars are seen as something special.  And the same is true in many other spheres.  Some high-end brands just have a mystique…
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Queensberry Duo wedding album | Holly and Chris’s Arley Hall wedding

While they manufacture several different styles of high end album, the Queensberry Duo wedding album is probably the signature book made by the New Zealand company.  It’s called this because it combines the attributes of the classic matted album (fabulous quality of craftsmanship, real photographs under matted overlays)  with the stylistic flair of a digital album…
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