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A rectangular Jorgensen Komplet Fine Art album

A rectangular Jorgensen Komplet Fine Art album

And now for something completely different …. behold the rather lovely Jorgensen Komplet Fine Art album.

Jorgensen have been a bit of a latecomer to the Fine Art wedding album market, but just because they were slow out of the blocks doesn’t mean they should be overlooked.  Not at all, because their flawless album credentials (the use of first class materials, impeccable craftsmanship, brilliant construction and printing) all come to bear in their Komplet Fine Art books just as in their more traditional matted offerings.  Plus …….. they come in rectangles!

Without doubt, a square album is the overwhelmingly popular choice.  But that doesn’t mean it’s what everyone wants.  And there is something rather wonderful about the scope that a rectangular shape offers to the design.  That larger sized spread means that more photos can be accommodated for one thing.  So a spread showing off the drinks reception, or coming out of the ceremony, or the wild late night dancing, can include more images, to better convey that sense of excitement, action and urgency.  The different shape (more elongated, almost like a strip of film) means that it suggests movement which lends itself to a spread that tells a story across several images.  The shift in size also means that from left hand to right hand edge you’ve got 28 inches to play with – that’s a seriously big space to put a single photo in, should you wish.

As with all the albums I offer, they’re bespoke of course.  So, you start with a blank page and take it from there.  The number of pages isn’t pre-determined, but the number of photos that you want to include and the design determine how many spreads are needed.  This example is a destination wedding shot in Rome.  Raphael approached me with some clear ideas already formed in his head about what he wanted to include.  He had a large list of photos to go in the book (150 plus), plus the idea of using the wedding invitation as a title page (a lovely idea, and one I’d not come across before), along with a final index page, detailing who was in each photo on the preceding pages.  Again, a nice touch allowing future generations to identify the people immortalised in the preceding pages.

The design went though several revisions, with the final version containing more white space than other designs I’ve done – partly because of the extra size the rectangular shape affords; partly because that’s the style that the groom preferred.   Which is a point worth repeating – the album is designed not only to show off your wedding memories in the best way possible, but to reflect as much as possible your own individual tastes.

Below are a few photos of the finished article, while the spreads of the layout are in the slideshow at the bottom of the page.

jorgensen komplet fine art album front cover cover detail on jorgensen komplet fine art album sample layout in jorgensen komplet fine art wedding album close up of printed page in jorgensen komplet fine art wedding album open book view of jorgensen komplet fine art wedding album page detail of jorgensen komplet fine art wedding album photo in jorgensen komplet fine art wedding album. double spread in fine art wedding album by jorgensen wedding photos in jorgensen komplet fine art album page in fine art wedding book by jorgensen albums double page spread in fine art wedding album close up of page in wedding album by jorgensen of australia

To discuss turning your own wedding memories into a beautiful work of art, please drop me a line or, better still, pick up the phone (my number’s 07766 815703) for a chat.



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