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Jorgensen 12×12 inch Art album | Sarah and Nick at Arley Hall

The Jorgensen Art album is a modern update of the classic wedding album.  A matted style wedding album, with a leather cover.  Twelve inches square.  ‘Real’ photographs, in your choice of gloss or matt finish, in overlay mats (or window mounts, as they’re also known).  But with a subtle modern twist, in the shape of…
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Folio 12×12 inch Fine Art Album | Lucy and Marcus at The Mere

The Fine Art album works best, in my opinion, when things are kept clean and simple.  The distinguishing features of this type of book are the clean lines and slim profile that make it so different to the traditional style matted album.  So, here’s another design for a Folio wedding album, showing the clean, simple…
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Queensberry Duo wedding album | Holly and Chris’s Arley Hall wedding

While they manufacture several different styles of high end album, the Queensberry Duo wedding album is probably the signature book made by the New Zealand company.  It’s called this because it combines the attributes of the classic matted album (fabulous quality of craftsmanship, real photographs under matted overlays)  with the stylistic flair of a digital album…
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Folio 10 x 10 inch Fine Art wedding album | Catherine and Winston

I remember when I saw my first Folio wedding album several years ago.  It was totally different to anything else that was around at the time.  Yes, there had been digital albums around for a while, but only Folio were printing on exquisite Fine Art paper.  If you say those words (“Fine Art”) to a…
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