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Digital wedding album design

Digital wedding album design

Designing a digital wedding album has a couple of benefits over a more traditional wedding album style.  The main one is the ability to design the photos as large as possible – even taking up the full page or spread on occasion.  The other is the ability to design right to the edge of the page, and across the middle spine.  In effect, with a traditional album, you have to design two separate pages on the spread; whereas with a digital book you can  treat it as one large page.

This design is for Fine Art or digital book (the difference lies in the final finish of the photographs, as they’re printed on different papers).  It’s the bestselling combination of 12 inch square book and 100 selected photographs.  This seems to be so popular because it hits the sweet spot between allowing you to include all of the details and moments of the weddings  balanced with not making the book too big physically (in terms of the number of pages).  The way I design it usually means around 20 spreads, though as here it sometimes runs over into slightly more.

As you look through the spreads please note the use of the benefits of a digital wedding album design – allowing photos to run across the seamless spine of the book, so that a spread can be designed to include one or two maximum, impact photos, with details or narrative shots around it.  Or the use of full height, full width shots ….. because, well ….. because photos look better printed big!  When designing, I also try to restrict the number of template designs in the entire album to a handful, repeating spread layouts later in the design to echo what’s gone before.  In my mind that adds a coherence to the complete design.  It’s pleasing to the brain and eye to see repeated patterns.  I also try to ensure that there is a balance on the open spread, so that the left and right sides look similar.    It’s a personal thing, but I think it adds an elegance to the overall design.

digital wedding album opening spread

If you’ve got a USB of wedding photos sitting in a drawer gathering dust, why not drop me a line via the contact form or pick up the phone to chat about the different options available for wedding albums.  If you’ve gone to the trouble of hiring a professional photographer to create beautiful images for you, they deserve to be shown off!


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