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The Fine Art wedding photo album | A classic look

Seeing a wedding photo album for the first time usually creates some incredible responses. I am well used to hearing comments such as “I can’t believe how rich the colours are”.  You could substitute ‘vibrant’, or ‘bright’ also.  A lot of people comment on how the photos seem to look almost 3-D too – because…
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Folio 12×12 inch Fine Art wedding album | Laura and Dinesh

‘Hi Martin, Album arrived today. We’re both overjoyed at the quality of the album, it’s outstanding! Thank you so much Dinesh & Laura’ When you open up an email to read something like that, it really puts a smile on your face.  So much so that I couldn’t wait to share this album with you.…
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Professional wedding photo albums

I lead a double life.  Part of me designs wedding albums; the other part photographs weddings.  But what is common to both parts is the often asked question, “Why should I hire a professional?”. It’s a fair question because neither service is particularly cheap.  So what is the answer, just why should you hire a…
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