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Wedding photo albums – keeping memories alive

Wedding photo albums – how do they keep memories alive?  Simple really. Imagine finding a trunk up in the attic one day.  You open it up and there, amongst the bric a brac, is a photo album containing pictures of your early childhood.  What would you do?  You’d open it wouldn’t you?  You’d turn the…
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The Fine Art wedding photo album | A classic look

Seeing a wedding photo album for the first time usually creates some incredible responses. I am well used to hearing comments such as “I can’t believe how rich the colours are”.  You could substitute ‘vibrant’, or ‘bright’ also.  A lot of people comment on how the photos seem to look almost 3-D too – because…
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Wedding album design | Creating memories for you

A wedding album design from a beautiful Cheshire wedding, at All Saints church in Siddington followed by a reception at Capesthorne Hall. Typical of the designs I create, this is a Fine Art book containing seventy photographs over seventeen spreads.  Like all my designs, the book tells the story of the wedding day chronologically, starting…
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Fine Art wedding album design | Loxley 12×12 inch album

This wedding album design (for a Fine Art 12×12 inch album) is partly designed to show off the grandeur of the wedding venue, Peckforton Castle. A large album like this is perfect for showing off the splendour of such a venue.  One of the most noticeable differences between the Fine Art book and the classic…
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