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Wedding album design | Creating memories for you

Wedding album design | Creating memories for you

A wedding album design from a beautiful Cheshire wedding, at All Saints church in Siddington followed by a reception at Capesthorne Hall.

Typical of the designs I create, this is a Fine Art book containing seventy photographs over seventeen spreads.  Like all my designs, the book tells the story of the wedding day chronologically, starting with bridal prep in the morning through the ceremony, reception, wedding breakfast and speeches, concluding with some late night flash-lit portraits.  The design uses a grid layout on most of the spreads, with a large photograph acting almost as a ‘title’, announcing the subject of the page.  Smaller photographs add to the story, or give details to build up the picture of that particular moment.  They also provide additional elements of interest,  allowing the eye to move around the spread, taking in details and soaking up the atmosphere and narrative.  When designing I like to repeat layouts across several pages as I believe that keeping designs simple allow the photos to show themselves off in their best light, and to give a sense of wholeness and sense throughout the design.

When I design an album like this, my aim is to recreate your wedding day for you, so that when you turn to each page you can re-imagine that part of the day.  The photos, their layout and the way that they sit together, are designed to help you to put yourself back in that particular moment.  I want to help you to remember the conversation between the bridesmaids; the laughs and jokes as you had a late breakfast with your groomsmen; the look on your husband’s face when he saw you for the first time as you appeared in the aisle; the stories about your other half that you heard for the first time during the speeches.  And I want all of those feelings to be rekindled every time that you reach for the book and go through its pages, not just the first time but for years and years after.

(To see a spread in more detail, just click on it).

At the risk of sounding self-important, a well designed wedding album should stand on its own merits not just as a beautiful object, but as a cherished family heirloom.  By investing time and care into the design, striving to show off your chosen photos for maximum effect, and by only working with high quality professional manufacturers, I think I can achieve this for you.  You don’t want a USB of photos sitting in a drawer, unloved and unviewed.  Drop me a line or give me a call to discuss the options available for turning your wedding photos into a beautiful family keepsake.



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