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The custom made photo album

The custom made photo album

custom made photo album spread detail

The biggest benefit of having a custom made photo album is that it’s unique to you. All of the companies that I work with produce made-to-order albums. Quite literally. The companies don’t have a set number of pages, or only one kind of cover. Everything is determined by the design that you and I create, and the company works from that blueprint.

And when I’m designing I’m not trying to shoehorn your pictures into a pre-designed format either. My starting point is to look at the gallery of photos you’ve chosen and ask myself some questions. What would make a great, stand alone, opening photo? Which photos work together in a group to tell a part of the story? Which ones need to stand alone and have the space to breathe? Only then do I start trying out designing spreads for you. All the time I’m keeping these initial thoughts in my mind, and trying to create a sense of flow to move you through the narrative of the wedding day. My intention is that each spread can stand alone, but it should also make you want to see what’s coming next ……… rather like a good novel, I’m trying to interest you in the story and get you keep turning pages.

Of course, as well as the content of the photos, I’m employing design elements to tie the whole thing together. A good layout of images might repeat later on in the book. Whole page photos serve to make you stop for a moment, to soak in the detail.

It would be difficult to work in this way if I was tied in to a rigid structure. Your collection of 100 photos might work beautifully over 20 pages, but a different set of photos might need only 19, or 22. I need that flexibility to create the best design that I can for you.

That’s why I work with album manufacturers that don’t do off-the-shelf products. Your album design won’t have to fit into a predetermined number of pages. By going down the custom made route, you get the best design possible.

Sure, that costs more. But as well as creating something unique, you’re also getting the very best craftsmanship and the finest materials. And this is a once in a lifetime event, after all. Why wouldn’t you want to try to create the best memento of it that you could?

cover of custom made photo album by Folio albums
open spread of photo album
open spread of wedding ceremony in custom made photo album

The photos above are from a 12×12 inch Fine Art album printed and bound by the fine people over at Folio Albums. They’re a delight to work with, as well as supremely good at what they do. They have an impeccable eye for detail, and strive to create the highest quality books they can. It’s lovely to work with people like that.


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